In 2017, what will YOU do to resist Trumpism?

A woman I know (white, middle-aged, let's call her D) recently told me about a Muslim family that lives on her block in Queens, NY. One of the family’s daughters (about 11 years old) has recently begun wearing a hijab so I sent D a link about the rapid rise in post-election hate crimes. The… Continue reading In 2017, what will YOU do to resist Trumpism?

Would you donate even $1 to help homeless women?

(Please donate here and share the link widely!) The goal of this project is fundamental: I'm raising money to buy supplies I can hand out in person to homeless women in NYC. I've done it before on a smaller scale out of my own pocket, but now I want to help as many women as possible. To… Continue reading Would you donate even $1 to help homeless women?

Ratt’s Rumble (and other street stories)

The older guys (16 and under league, we were still in 14 and under) had a home game against a team from Sunnyside. The visitors brought along some supporters and one of them took to taunting our pitcher, a guy we called Ratt. Ratt kept warning—almost begging—the guy to stop. Ratt had a notorious temper… Continue reading Ratt’s Rumble (and other street stories)

“Activism”: The conformity of non-conformity

With a bookstore full of self-proclaimed leftist radicals quite pleased by the prospect of breaking with tradition by raising their left hand, I quickly commenced the pledge. “I am a non-conformist.” (everyone enthusiastically repeated that line) “I think for myself.” (everyone enthusiastically repeated that line) “I do not repeat what other people tell me to say.” (everyone started to enthusiastically repeat that… Continue reading “Activism”: The conformity of non-conformity

Scenes from an accidental career: My life as a personal trainer (part 1)

The first line of the book, Becoming a Personal Trainer for Dummies, reads as follows: “When it comes to choosing a career, unless you're a masochist, you probably want to do something that you enjoy.” For me, becoming a personal trainer was far more accident than choice…an accident that remains in progress for decades.  Please… Continue reading Scenes from an accidental career: My life as a personal trainer (part 1)

5 Pointz/5 Images

The artwork was always changing but the looming presence of 5 Pointz felt permanent. Rumors swirled as gentrification advanced but The Institute for Higher Burnin’ would outlive it all…or so we thought. I’m not sure how many others documented the end but, since I was a frequent visitor to 5 Pointz, I felt compelled to… Continue reading 5 Pointz/5 Images