Attention Activists: Education is not “brainwashing”

Over the years, my decision to avoid college dovetailed nicely with my radical awakenings. Soon, it became common to hear me brag about being “self-educated.” Even as my income options dwindled and negatively impacted my personal life, I stuck to my subversive guns.

Activist Tip: Don’t do what I did.

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One thought on “Attention Activists: Education is not “brainwashing””

  1. Hi Mick:

    I read everything you write and I’m waiting for your books.I love to seat down with you and talk just let me know.I meet a friend of yours from Restore Habitat in New Rochelle were I have now my business.I love the advice of this article an yes I agree with money you can help more , with education you can reach more.

    Hope you are well.

    Best regards.

    Maria Clara

    Amarillo Stone


    50 Pine Street

    New Rochelle NY 10801

    Cell: 914-469-7219

    Office: 914-365-1041



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