In 2017, what will YOU do to resist Trumpism?


A woman I know (white, middle-aged, let’s call her D) recently told me about a Muslim family that lives on her block in Queens, NY. One of the family’s daughters (about 11 years old) has recently begun wearing a hijab so I sent D a link about the rapid rise in post-election hate crimes. The next time D saw the young girl walking on the block, she felt deep concern. She reached out to the girl’s mother and told her that if her daughter ever feels scared or gets harassed, she’s welcome 24/7 in D’s home. She promised nothing will happen to her there. I felt so deeply humbled and inspired by this story. I now urge each of you to consider taking similar actions, as often as possible. This is not a drill.

Welcome to Trump’s America.

Now get busy. 

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