Ratt’s Rumble (and other street stories)


The older guys (16 and under league, we were still in 14 and under) had a home game against a team from Sunnyside. The visitors brought along some supporters and one of them took to taunting our pitcher, a guy we called Ratt.

Ratt kept warning—almost begging—the guy to stop. Ratt had a notorious temper and a reputation for mayhem and he prudently wanted to stop things before they progressed. The guy would not relent.

We all watched Ratt take a wooden bat and swing it at his nemesis. The guy put up his arms to protect himself and the bat made contact with his left forearm. In a flash, you could see the guy’s bone sticking through the skin.

A melee ensued but not many blows were thrown. The guys from Sunnyside were more focused on getting their friend to a hospital.

Ratt was the hero again but when we learned there would be a game the following week in Sunnyside’s Skillman Park, everyone knew we’d have a full-blown rumble on our hands. 

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