Loyal customer confronts rude laundry owner. You won’t believe what happened next.


I made it my personal mission to not let the owner’s angry energy bother me.

“Good morning,” I’d smile. It was always an effusive “please” and “thank you” when I needed change and I’d never leave without wishing him a good day. Since I often walked past Sparkle Plenty during the course of my day, I’d look in and wave to the couple. As much as it seemed to pain him, the man would usually wave back.

One day, however, I began to tire of his negativity and considered joining the exodus from Sparkle Plenty. I’m a “destroyer” by nature but it often takes me a while to get into full reinvention mode. But, with aspects of my non-laundry life requiring re-evaluation, it seemed the ideal time to finally tell this guy off and start fresh in a different establishment.

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