Here’s a little of what’s typically is ignored about zoos…



*Zoos are mostly focused on “cute babies” and ultimately create unwanted animals.
*They can reduce genetic diversity and do not contribute to increasing robust animal populations in the wild.
*They do little to nothing to seriously address the underlying causes of habitat loss and thereby let the perpetrators off the hook.
*Warehousing endangered species sends the frightening subliminal message that it’s acceptable to spend money to view animals in enclosures while, for example, forests are being clear cut to make way for doomed livestock — depriving many of those same animals the freedom to live in their own habitats.
*Captive breeding can create a false sense that the battle to save endangered species and habitats is being won.
*Animals are obviously not meant to live in captivity and, as a result, often display stress and/or psychological dysfunction and just as often, these animals are abused.
*Encountering animals in a zoo setting teaches the wrong lessons about how our eco-systems work. Wrong lessons only serve to sustain a system that should be dismantled.

sea lion


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