An Animal Rights Thought Experiment


Let’s say the major earth-killing, animal-abusing corporations (from Cargill to Tyson to McDonald’s and beyond) wanted to make certain that the general U.S. population would never unite in the name of preventing ecocide or ending animal exploitation. How might they go about making this happen?

Of course, they’d use all the familiar methods of corporate propaganda and public relations. But what if they wanted to take things further, what if they pooled some major money to secretly funnel towards the big animal rights (AR) groups?

Imagine how effective this tactic could be if these corporations got a group like PETA or 269Life, for example, to talk the AR talk but yet remain openly insensitive to the concerns and needs of most humans. Imagine if PETA and 269 were unapologetically misogynist, white supremacist, classist, homophobic, ableist, and more. Their privileged white core supporters wouldn’t flinch, of course, and this general attitude would trickle down to even the smallest local AR groups. A culture would be created.

As a result, AR and veganism would be relegated to the outer fringes of activism and be mocked by those engaged in human rights work. Meanwhile: Corporate profits soar, unchecked speciesism thrives, virtually no non-humans are saved or even protected, the eco-system moves ever closer to collapse, PETA’s upper echelon retains power and notoriety, and most AR activists soothe themselves with tall tales of boundless compassion within their insular echo chambers.

One last question: What if all this happened without animal agri-business corporations spending a dime to influence big groups like PETA, 269, etc.?


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