In memory of my father, Mike Zezima: Dec. 10, 1932 – Oct. 1, 2012


In 2004, I spoke at an event in the DC area and it was filmed by C-Span, giving my parents the rare opportunity to see me in action when it aired a few days afterwards.

As my radical musings echoed through their apartment, my mother turned to my (former federal agent) father and said with a mix of irony and pride: “It’s a good thing you retired or else you might be investigating your own son.”

Dad took this in before shaking his head and letting out a little laugh, a laugh that could’ve been translated into the following five words: “What a long, strange trip…”

While he may not have come to grips with how I’ve chosen to live my life, my Dad never stopped loving and supporting me. He was and is an integral figure in my evolution. Thank you, Dad, for teaching me so many lessons in love, strength, and compassion.


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