Useful Liberal Illusions: From FDR to Obama


For eight years, during the 90s, I watched with a mixture of astonishment and contempt as Bill Clinton was regularly portrayed as a “liberal” by supporter while his opponents to the “right” went much further: viewing him as some kind of dangerous radical.

Of course, the same useful delusion exists in full effect today with the Pope of Hope in the White House and in the case of JFK, his liberal [sic] status is often given as a reason why he was assassinated.

Then we have the granddaddy of all phony progressives: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Even as FDR was admitting to being “deeply impressed” with Benito Mussolini—referring to the Italian ruler as that “admirable Italian gentleman”—in the 1930s, the two-party deception nearly saw him overthrown.

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