What Bialowieza Forest Can Teach us


I’d like to tell you about a place called Bialowieza Forest. It’s the last remaining part of an immense primeval forest, which once covered much of Europe. This enduring vestige survived largely intact for nearly 600 years because it was first a royal then a tsar hunting preserve (insert deep sigh here).

Bialowieza Forest is divided between Poland (40%) and Belarus (60%) and is home to an amazing display of biodiversity—including the wisent (European bison), the largest and the heaviest surviving mammal on the continent.

Some of the towering oaks in Bialowieza even have names, e.g. Great Mamamuszi, The King of Nieznanowo, and The Guardian of Zwierzyniec.

Reminder: 78% of the old-growth forests on the planet are already gone and it’s gonna take a lot more than greenwashed parades to address that reality.


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