Bull’s Eye: Do you speak ill of our non-human companions?

A Direct Hit bulls eye!

If language is thought put into words, it’s no surprise that even slothful radical activists willingly take the bull by the horns and degrade non-humans. Every day—many, many times a day—the vast majority of us remain as stubborn as a bull as we reinforce this hierarchy through our casual choice of words, e.g.

Eat like a pig, birdbrain, duck face, weasel , scaredy cat/‘fraidy cat, don’t be a chicken, comparing poor memory to a goldfish’s memory, sitting duck, stool pigeon, loan shark, cops as “pigs”… 

Like a dog chasing its tail, we even blend speciesist language with other forms of privilege, e.g. Calling someone a pig/whale/cow as an insult to their weight (sizeist), blind as a bat (ableist), batshit or apeshit crazy (ableist), sex kitten (sexist), don’t be a pussy (sexist), cat fight (sexist), as mad as a March hare (ableist), can’t teach an old dog new tricks (ageist), bitch (sexist).

Moving along, I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but…

Crocodile tears, stop “bugging” me, sheeple, puppy love, guinea pig, lab rat, black sheep, cash cow, cast pearls before swine, I could eat a horse… 

Shall I continue hounding and badgering you?

In the doghouse, deer in the headlights, like lambs to slaughter, look a gift horse in the mouth, make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, monkey business/monkeying around, monkey see-monkey do, to rat someone out, rat race, to hog something, pig sty… 

So, what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back to help you get your head out of the sand to surrender the herd mentality and stop acting like an ass?

Confession: I’m only parroting some examples from a list compiled by Alicen Grey…and that’s no bullshit.



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