Let the “Sex Workers” Speak for Themselves!


Here’s how it goes: You write something critical (backed with boatloads of evidence) about pornography and/or prostitution and the liberal feminists/queer theorists come out of the woodwork to rally the allies. They label you “sex negative” and silence you by chanting in unison: “Let the sex workers speak for themselves!”

I decided to test their beliefs by recently interviewing a survivor but that didn’t seem to satisfy the post modern crowd. They prefer to only heed “sex workers” like the woman who appeared in a Cosmopolitan article (August 2015) called: Sex Worker Answers All Your Questions About What It’s Like to Work at a Legal Brothel.

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Masterminds vs. Smart Bombs: Men Waging War


Since Americans want so badly to believe their tax dollars are being used to crush evil doers but also would (usually) prefer that such crushing doesn’t automatically involve the wanton slaughter of, say, children and other civilians, the smart bomb myth is promoted through a variety of spins, e.g. U.S. weapons are the most technologically advanced and precise the world has ever seen.

Like all spin, evidence to the contrary is not hard to find. So, please allow me to take you through a brief history of the masterminds behind precision bombing.

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Poverty + Corporate Welfare = Exploited Homeless Children


Press TV asked me to share my thoughts.

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Activist wonders if he’s made a difference. What he discovers will break your heart.


SPOILER ALERT:  All my activist work (and yours, too) has made no sustainable difference at all.

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When Terrorists Target Civilians (Eyes Wide Open)


“The skies have been darkened.” (Barack Obama, 11-14-15)

If Obama’s speechwriters are correct and terrorism does “darken skies,” I have question: When will we choose to see the light?

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Trump, Obama, Immigration


Press TV asked me to comment on all this…

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Bernie Sanders: Hire Me as Your Copy Editor!

copy editor-photo

Feel The Bern excerpt #2: “The United States must lead the world in tackling climate change, if we are to make certain that this planet is habitable for our children and grandchildren. We must transform our energy system away from polluting fossil fuels, and towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Millions of homes and buildings need to be weatherized, and we need to greatly accelerate technological progress in wind and solar power generation.”

My edit: “The people of the United States – not its corrupt, so-called ruling class – must lead the world in recognizing that climate change is just one of countless eco-issues to address. It’s not just about making certain that this planet is habitable for our children and grandchildren. We must defend all forms of life and accept that ‘going green’ is a liberal panacea. Do you realize that 93 percent of the large fish in the ocean are already gone or that 78 percent of old-growth forests are already gone? What about the 150 to 200 plant and animal species that go extinct every single day? ‘Sustainability,’ you say? Are you fuckin’ kidding me?”

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