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Occupy These Photos


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I’ve been taking photos for a little less than five years and make no pretense towards technical expertise. For me, photography is a labor of love and yet another component of my commitment to a life of activism.

It still never fails to amuse me when I’m referred to as a “photographer” and some folks are surprised to learn I “also” write. My writing career began long, long before I received my first digital camera as a gift and I’ve always aimed to decode propaganda and demystify hype. Combining words with images enables me to take this mission to a new level.

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Let’s not opt for the illusion of safety over the quest for justice

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Perhaps, as citizens/consumers/taxpayers in the most culpable of nations, we can begin by recognizing this: Due to our compliance and/or silence and/or inaction, we’ve played a role in bringing our planet to the brink of social, economic, and environmental collapse.

Participating in sustained activism and/or direct action is not a popular choice. It could put us at odds with our friends, family, and community. It could jeopardize our careers. It could even lead to direct conflict with (so-called) law enforcement officers. Scary stuff, for sure.

But ask yourself this: What frightens you more, being judged for getting arrested for disorderly conduct or comprehending that 78 percent of the world’s old-growth forests are already gone? How will you answer when future generations ask what you did to defend all life on earth?

There are good reasons to be afraid, comrades…there are better reasons to be bold.

Let’s not opt for the illusion of safety over the quest for justice. Let’s not be afraid to accept that we’ve been lied to and manipulated and that much of what we’ve been taught is no longer or ever was relevant or real. Let’s not be afraid to open our hearts and minds and start caring like we’ve never cared before. Let’s not be afraid to find out what we’re capable of.

A Different Form of Holocaust Denial


I just learned of an upcoming NYC event called the “Animal Holocaust Memorial Service/March.” The first line of description on its Facebook page reads: “We live in a time when the longest running and most devastating holocaust is taking place right under our noses, yet just like the Holocaust during World War II, it is completely ignored.”

Upon encountering this predictable but counterproductive exhibition, I had two immediate thoughts:

  • The use of the word “holocaust” in relation to factory farming is semantically accurate but horribly insensitive and demonstrably ineffective.
  • The excuse that the world “didn’t know” about the Nazi Holocaust is an enduring and spurious fabrication.

Since one or both of these thoughts will be deemed “controversial” by some, please allow me to elaborate…

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Activism: Destroy/Create (“Occupy These Photos” preview)


The global “problems” being exposed by activists are not merely flaws within a basically fixable configuration.

Economic inequality isn’t a hiccup.

Epidemics of preventable diseases are not an anomaly.

Institutional privilege and the oppression it creates are not systemic glitches.

Capitalism—hell, all of industrial civilization—cannot be tenderly reformed into sustainability.

Let’s not waste resources trying to tweak the dominant culture.

Let’s instead connect as broadly as possible to cultivate the coalitions we’ll need to navigate the looming collapse.

Let’s unite…to create a softer place to land.

Alicen Grey reviews “Occupy this Book”


Alicen Grey, award-winning author of Wolves and Other Nightmares, had this to say about Occupy this Book: Mickey Z. on Activism… 

Mickey Z.’s latest literary brainchild, Occupy this Book, is at once reassuring and provocative. For those of us yet to join a movement towards social change, this fast-paced and info-packed little book will inspire you to start using your skills to catalyze social change. And for those of us who are already deeply immersed in the world of activism, this book will challenge you to keep your ego in check, and be more inclusive and considerate of those in your community. Approachable. Engaging. And oh so relevant. Every activist needs this book.

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