A Little Idea (video)

Like many martial artists of my generation, I viewed Bruce Lee as a catalyst and inspiration for my own studies. In fact, I specifically opted to take up his original style of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The first form one learns in Wing Chun is called Sil Lum Tao (this is one a few different spellings), which is usually translated as “a little idea.” The movements of Sil Lum Tao can initially seem awkward or even esoteric but as we advance in Wing Chun, we discover that indeed, these movements offer a little idea of what lies ahead. How we choose to utilize and apply these ideas, however, is ultimately up to us.

I immediately loved the “little idea” concept and in many ways, it’s carried over to my writing, public speaking, photography, and general activism. By offering a little idea of what’s possible and encouraging others to partake, we can break free of what is commonly accepted.

Sil Lum Tao has also been translated as “a beautiful beginning.” So, my questions to you, comrades: What little idea can you bring to the movement and how soon will you create this beautiful beginning?

#Ferguson Shines a Light on the Racist Criminal Injustice System


I was recently interviewed on Press TV, re: U.S. prison-industrial system. Click here for the short clip.

Activism: Quality, Not Quantity


In the Vietnam War protest song “Five to One,” Jim Morrison of The Doors sings:

The old get old/And the young get stronger
May take a week/And it may take longer
They got the guns/But we got the numbers
Gonna win, yeah/We’re takin’ over 

In my youth, I took solace in the whole “we got the numbers” thing but it eventually became crystal clear that the ones with the guns have had it all figured out for a very, very long time.

Philosopher David Hume, in 1758, explained it this way: “As force is always on side of the governed, the governors have nothing to support them but opinion. It is, therefore, on opinion only that government is founded and this maxim extends to the most despotic and most military governments as well as to the most free and most popular.” 

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(Occupy this Book: Mickey Z. on Activism can be ordered here.)

A Thanksgiving Prayer – William S. Burroughs

U.S. War Machine (part II)


I was recently interviewed, along with folks like Cindy Sheehan, by Press TV. The topic was the permanent U.S. war economy.

See Part II of that show here!

Bhopal: 30 Years of Struggle and Survival (Interview with Reena Shadaan)


Reena Shadaan: “It’s been three decades of mobilization against what is now the second biggest chemical corporation in the world and the Government of India. As the 30th anniversary approaches, much of the wider goals remain the same (assessment and clean-up of the site, holding the Dow Chemical Company accountable legally, etc.); however, many important successes have been won as well. For instance, after more than 10 years of mobilization on contaminated groundwater, the survivors’ groups succeeded in getting the government to supply clean water and infrastructure (taps) in the communities. That was a huge success. Just days ago, five Bhopali survivors were on indefinite, waterless hunger strike, and after five days, the Government of India conceded to their demands. The 30th anniversary is a reminder that nothing is won without struggle.”

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(Occupy this Book: Mickey Z. on Activism can be ordered here.)

Choose Sides in the War Against Imagination